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Transmission Clinic

Transmission Rebuilds

Quality Transmission Rebuilds in Greenville, SC

Your Local Transmission Rebuilding Experts

When your transmission is having major problems, we can help! With over 30 years of experience and a formal education to pull knowledge from, our team has witnessed the evolution of the automatic transmission from its primitive two and three speed years to the introduction of electric controlled operations of certain tasks inside of the transmission. Today we are working on transmissions with six, seven and eight speeds. Understanding how the transmission truly works and what happens inside and when it takes place is key to understanding how to correct and repair transmission failure.

We also specialize in repairs on valve bodies on certain vehicles (depending on the year, make and model), which can prevent the need to rebuild the transmission. Ask us to see if your vehicle qualifies for valve body repair!

Transmission Rebuild Experts

What sets us apart from many shops is not only to know what a bad part looks like and how to replace it, but also how to repair what caused it to fail. Our Greenville transmission team has the understanding the relationship of the transmission and the rest of the vehicle’s drive train and power management and how it will affect each other, which helps us provide the highest quality transmission rebuild Greenville has to offer. Our mission is to give you an educated assessment about the future of your transmission, and determine what options will work best for you and your vehicle. Each transmission failure is different, and depending on the amount of damage you may need a transmission rebuild rather than a repair for your vehicle to run effectively.

Our Rebuild Process

The first step for our skilled and trained technicians is to perform a thorough inspection to diagnose problems and assess damage. Although other shops may offer transmission services, only a qualified specialist has the experience and know-how to provide an accurate diagnosis. Once we have determined the problem, we make our rebuilding decisions based on your vehicle’s individual needs. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and will thoroughly discuss and explain your needed repairs before we begin working on your car. Our experts will disassemble your transmission, remove any damaged parts, and then reassemble with new top quality parts. The benefit of a transmission rebuild is your the transmission will perform better than new with the updates and corrections from the factory design flaws. A custom transmission rebuild not only ensures that your transmission lasts for years to come, but can also even increase the performance of your vehicle.