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June 10, 2022

Is Your Clutch Going Bad? Here’s What to Look For

Don’t Let a Bad Clutch Put You in Park

For a manual transmission, the clutch is an integral part of moving your vehicle. Unfortunately, a clutch has a limited lifespan. So, how long does a clutch last? Depending on the make and model, the average clutch lasts between 50,000 – 100,000 miles. While regular wear and tear contribute to the decline of a clutch, poor driving habits and heavily congested areas like Greenville, South Carolina, can accelerate the need for clutch repair.

Here at Greenville Transmission Clinic, we’ve repaired our share of clutches over the years. Based on our experience, here are six warning signs it’s time for a clutch repair.

Six Warning Signs Your Clutch Is Bad

  1. The clutch feels spongy. A soft or spongy clutch pedal that provides no resistance when pressed is an early warning sign of trouble.
  2. Burning smell. If a burning smell is present, and you’ve eliminated a problem with other systems, there could be a problem with the clutch. The friction of a slipping clutch may be the culprit, and when accompanied by a rattling sound, your clutch may be on its way out.
  3. It’s hard shifting gears. Shifting gears should be smooth and trouble-free. If the gears are grinding when shifting, a clutch repair is probably in your not-so-distant future.
  4. Higher biting point. You should have a good sense of where the biting point is for your clutch. As a clutch fails, the biting gets higher. If you’ve reached a point where you are letting it out almost all the way, you will probably be giving yourself a new clutch.
  5. High RPMs. When you’re driving on the streets of Greenville, if your engine needs a high RPM to reach a certain speed, you may be looking for a clutch repair specialist.
  6. Hesitation before acceleration. If your car hesitates before acceleration, then the clutch is not delivering enough boost to power the wheels.

Greenville’s Number One Clutch Repair Shop

The above list contains warning signs your clutch may be on the way out. Clutch repair is a normal part of owning a manual transmission vehicle and is easy enough to fix. However, don’t wait until it’s too late. At the first sign of trouble, visit the clutch repair experts at Greenville Transmission Clinic. Take comfort knowing we have the expertise to do the job right, and we back our work with a 1-year/12,000-mile warranty. Catching problems early will save you money and time in the future. A well-maintained clutch will also give you a smoother ride so you can enjoy driving around the Greenville, South Carolina, area.