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July 10, 2021

How to Keep a Transmission Healthy

Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Transmission

Transmission problems can take place in a variety of ways, regardless of the type of vehicle. However, each symptom of needing transmission service has various possible causes, some involving substantial and sometimes expensive repairs and some requiring a rebuild. Here are some necessary steps that you should take to keep your transmission in peak performing condition.

Schedule Routine Transmission Flushes

When it comes to maintaining your car’s transmission system, it’s a good idea to flush the transmission fluid regularly. Low transmission fluid means difficulties for your vehicle in the future, so be sure to adjust low transmission fluids as soon as you can. If possible, consider using a different means of transportation when the fluid is below the recommended level.

Come to a Complete Stop Before Changing Gears

When you back out of a parking spot, or shift to a different gear, make sure to come to a complete stop before driving forward on the road. Failing to do this simply puts too much pressure on your transmission, and after a while, it can lead to a serious problem.

Regularly Check Your Transmission Fluid

On many cars, trucks, and SUVs, testing the transmission fluid is as simple as checking the oil. With the engine stopped, take out the transmission fluid dipstick, clean it off, insert it again, and pull it out once more. The fluid itself should be bright red, clear, and smell good. However, if it’s dark red, or smells burnt, take it to a transmission service specialist to look things over at your earliest convenience.

Don’t Forget to Change the Transmission Filter

That’s right, vehicle transmissions may have a filter, and it needs to be adjusted from time to time. While many newer cars do not have a transmission filter, those that do should be replaced during each transmission flush. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you are unsure whether your car has a transmission filter.

Schedule Your Transmission Service Today

Your car is a fine-tuned machine wiht many working parts, and the transmission is no different. If the transmission fails to work correctly, it will place more stress on the car’s engine. Ensure that your transmission works the way it should be scheduling routine transmission service with Greenville Transmission Clinic today. We are conveniently located in Greenville, South Carolina, for all your transmission repair and auto maintenance needs.